Argan Oil Culinary 250ml


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Extra Virgin Culinary Argan Oil certified by Ecocert and USDA Organic

This healthy vegetable oil is loaded with Unsaturated Fatty Acids (at 82%, the highest percentage of most vegetable oils) – Omega 6+9 (oleic and linoleic acid) and Vitamin E. It reduces the bad cholesterol and it is rich in antioxidants.

What is very important it tastes delicious! Argan Oil has a nutty taste which has attracted the attention of chefs around the world.

It can be used as a finishing oil to drizzle on fish, vegetables, soups and pasta.

In Morocco it is consumed simply with bread and is great in salad dressings.

The process of production is still artisanal- hand cracked kernels of the Argan nut are roasted and pressed to extract the oil.


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